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EDTC 6341

Page history last edited by Delia Torres 11 years, 8 months ago

EDTC 6341.63 Student - Centered Learning Using Technology

Dr. Janice Butler


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  1. Brief Biography & Photo (Electronic Portfolio pbworks wiki): http://deliatorreseportfolio.pbworks.com/w/page/45184744/FrontPage


    2.  Two slide(s) PowerPoint Presentation:  edtc6341_63_delia_torres_intro.pptx 



    3.   Whyville Avatar Name:   LELA102  




 CLICK the above Link to join TEAM 17 and add your Murder Myster Clues.






    5.  Pre-Assessment Tests:

         a.  PowerPoint Presentation--NOT DONE

         b.  Excel Spreadsheet--NOT DONE


     6.  TEAM 17 Prezi Presentation Simon P. Ano Murder MysteryDelia Torres, Jorge Garcia, and Lisa McCandless


               TEAM 17--Murder Mystery Investigation:



     7.  Whyville Tour Team #9 member:  Tour Guide LELA102--Getty Museum


    8.    ESSEA Intro./Orientation:  Read and navigated


    9.   ESSEA Module 1--Dust Bowl

           a.  Cycle A Individual

           b.  Cycle B Team



  10.  ESSEA Module 2--Hurricanes

          a.  Cycle A Individual

          b.  Cylce B Team

          c.  Cycle C Individual Lesson


  11.  ESSEA Module 3--Ocean Conveyor Belt

          a.  Cycle A Individual

          b.  Cycle B Team

          c.  Cycle C Individual Lesson 




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